Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fingers and Toes

First of all, I hate feet. I hate my own feet even more than other people's feet. I do however have a few exceptions:

I could kiss these feet forever.

And I have kissed these feet for almost four years:

Well - they're usually not this dirty. Yes, I do bathe my children regularly, and no, my floors are not that dirty. Noah wore black fire truck socks today and I am blaming the dirty-looking feet on the socks (although my floors could using a little mopping - any takers?) Did I mention that when we went to Jigga Jump today Noah insisted on wearing blue striped socks on his hands and called them mittens? Too cute for words.

So, in a nutshell, I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to get feet and/or hand pics. Noah's recent obsession with abstract painting/coloring brought me these few photos:

I honestly think he enjoys the cleanup part just as much as the painting. He likes to give the painting tools a shower.

And here's Katie exuding her usual cuteness:

Peek a Boo!

So that's it for today. It is now June 1st (which means I really should be in bed right now), which means only 5 more days to Boot Camp. I'm trying to do a posting everyday to get warmed up for what's to come...

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  1. Love the pictures, Krista! Amazing work... Keep it comin'....