Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tea For Two? (Well, Maybe Not Tea...)

So these shots took all of about 10 minutes at around midnight last night. No Photoshop. Just me, Christian, and a mini Maglight. After I finished laying out the blog, Christian made these delicious blue lagoon drinks. He did such an awesome job garnishing them that I just had to take a few pics. So while I'm taking the pictures, he's holding the Maglight, moving various items out of view for me (Noah's paintings, highchairs, etc.), and he says, "So I guess your bow-making phase is over now?" I think most of you reading this will know what I'm talking about. Basically, I've been making hairbows for Katie full-tilt for the past few weeks. The coffee table in my rec room is covered with bow-making paraphernalia. So I guess Christian was beginning to think we'd get the coffee table back now that I've begun this new blogging adventure. I think not.

As for the pictures, if it hadn't already been so late, I would have tried a few more things to make the pictures a little better, like turn off all the lights and use a tripod. But to be honest - I was a little anxious to try the new drink. Maybe next time...


  1. Your coffee table sounds a lot like my dining room table!! I think you should share some pics of your other hobby. I could use some new ideas!!

  2. The coffee table still has lots of bow stuff on it...under it...around are nice and tidy...and yours always seem to make me smile...your subjects are pretty squirmy but they sure are cute...I love you!